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Emiliv Professional - PROTOXTEN FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - Brazilian HairBotox Treatment 1 kg / 35.27 fl. oz.

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Introducing PROTOXTEN FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - the epitome of hair rejuvenation, crafted with a sophisticated blend of 10 magical oils. This unique product is the secret ingredient that every hairdresser and salon owner needs to elevate their services.

🌟 Key Features:

1. **Elite Blend of Oils**: PROTOXTEN boasts an exclusive combination of 10 remarkable oils including Argan, Castor, Murumuru, Copaiba, Jojoba, Macadamia, Monoi, Grapeseed, Aloe Vera, and Macaúba. Each oil plays a vital role in providing hydration, protection, and restoration to the hair.

2. **Banish Frizz and Tame Mane**: Thanks to the Macadamia and Copaiba Oil, this treatment effectively controls and smoothens frizzy hair, making it effortlessly manageable and silken to the touch.

3. **Restores Lustrous Shine**: The Monoi and Grapeseed Oils work in harmony to restore a brilliant shine to the hair, leaving it looking healthy and radiant.

4. **Strengthens and Rejuvenates Hair Follicles**: With the power of Argan and Castor Oils, PROTOXTEN strengthens and rejuvenates hair follicles, effectively filling in the gaps in your hair’s natural fiber.

5. **Protects Against Damage**: Murumuru Oil shields the hair against sun damage, heat, and other harmful compounds, ensuring it stays strong and beautiful.

6. **Suits All Hair Types**: The formula is meticulously designed to suit all hair types - whether straight or curly, natural, or chemically treated.

7. **Available in Two Convenient Sizes**: Cater to different needs with 1 kg (35.27 fl. oz.) and 300 g (10.52 fl. oz.) options.

8. **Promotes Hair Growth and Reduces Dandruff**: The Aloe Vera within the blend not only promotes hair growth but also prevents itching on the scalp and reduces dandruff.

9. **Youthful Appearance**: The exceptional blend of oils, proteins, and vitamins gives hair a more youthful appearance, leaving it revitalized and transformed.

🌸 Benefits:

- Provide your clients with the ultimate hair pampering experience that restores, protects, and enhances their tresses.
- Stand out in the competitive market with innovative treatment that offers lasting results.
- Achieve client satisfaction and loyalty through remarkable transformations.
- Efficient application process suitable for the busy schedules of salon professionals.


As a hairdresser or salon owner, offering the best to your clients is paramount. PROTOXTEN not only pampers the hair with a rich blend of oils but transforms it, ensuring each strand is luscious, strong, and radiant. This treatment is an investment in excellence, ensuring client satisfaction and setting your salon apart as a purveyor of luxury and quality.

Unleash the magic of 10 oils with PROTOXTEN and redefine what it means to have beautiful hair.

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