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Emiliv Professional - Emergency Polymedic Reconstructor 16.00 Fl. Oz. - 500 ml

$59.95 $119.95

Each application of Emiliv Professional Emergency Polymedic Recontruction will improve hair health quality and gloss. Emergency Polymeric Reconstructor from Emily Professional is the most effective treatment to repair any damage and weak hair. The treatment will stop breakage. Our authentic formulation contains amino acids, polymer and collagen rebuilding any type of hair creating an enclosed reconstruction. Apply every two weeks continually to insure reconstruction of hair that has been abused by thermal styling, chemically damaged or over processed.


Stops breakage

Treat the hair cuticle

Restores damaged hair

Restores chemically abused hair

Restores hair moisture

Restores shine

Hair colour restoration



Application Instructions

Apply Emiliv Professional Emergency Polymedic Reconstruction to clean hair. Apply a abundant amount of Emiliv Professional Emergency Polymedic to saturate hair fully. Cover hair with plastic cap leave on 10 to 20 minutes with or without heat. Rinse with Emiliv Prohometen Shampoo And Conditioner 10 Oils. FOLLOW WITH Emiliv Promaskten 10 Oils to restore moisture and nature bounce.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children

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