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Emiliv Professional - PROTOXTEN BLONDE - Brazilian HairBotox Treatment 1 kg / 35.27 fl. oz.

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PROTOXTEN Blonde was created with a sophisticated blend of 10 amazing oils resulting in a unique product. PROTOXTEN Blonde is designed for blondes with porous and damaged hair. Formulated without any chemicals, the formula penetrates the hair, eliminating frizzy hair making it more manageable, and leaving it shiny, smooth, and rejuvenated.

• Instantaneous Reconstruction

• Instantly neutralizes unwanted brassy/yellow tones in blonde hair

Reduces frizz 100%

• Reduces volume 70%

• Duration of 2 to 3 months

• Hair is with more life, restored, without frizz, and is hydrated

Comes in 2 sizes:

1 kg , 35.27 fl. oz.

300 g, 10.52 fl. oz.

Our product consists 10 Magic Oils:

• Argan Oil - helps to hydrate and soften the hair

• Castor Oil - promotes healthier hair

• Murumuru - protects the hair against sun damage, heat, and other harmful compounds

• Copaiba Oil - protects hair and leaves it shiny and soft

• Jojoba Oil - prevents hair loss and promotes hair thickness

• Macadamia Oil - controls and smoothens frizzy hair

• Monoi Oil - helps add brilliance and shine to the hair

• Grapeseed Oil - adds moisture, strength, and shine to your hair

• Aloe Vera - promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff, and conditions your hair

• Macaúba Oil - restores damaged hair