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Emiliv Professional - PROHOMETEN 10 Oils - Home Care - Mask 500g - 16.9 fl.oz

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The Emiliv Professional - PROHOMETEN 10 Oils - Home Care - Mask, available in a 500g (16.9 fl.oz) package, is a comprehensive hair care solution, currently priced at $80.00, down from $120.00. This mask is suitable for all hair types and offers an enhanced level of moisture and protein compared to regular hair conditioners. It is specifically designed to hydrate dull and dry hair, adding shine and smoothness while restoring strength and softness, especially after intensive hair treatments.

Key components of the PROHOMETEN mask are its "10 Magic Oils", each contributing unique benefits to hair care:

1. **Argan Oil**:
Hydrates and softens hair.
2. **Castor Oil**:
Promotes healthier hair.
3. **Murumuru**:
Protects against sun damage, heat, and harmful compounds.
4. **Copaiba Oil**:
Protects hair, leaving it shiny and soft.
5. **Jojoba Oil**:
Prevents hair loss and promotes hair thickness.
6. **Macadamia Oil**:
Controls and smoothens frizzy hair.
7. **Monoi Oil**:
Adds brilliance and shine.
8. **Grapeseed Oil**:
Adds moisture, strength, and shine.
9. **Aloe Vera**:
Promotes hair growth, prevents scalp itching, reduces dandruff, and conditions hair.
10. **Macaúba Oil**:
Restores damaged hair.