We Got You Covered: Your Guide To Date Night Hairstyles

Written by Colina Atos


Posted on February 15 2023

It's time to brush up on some of the most romantic hairstyles you can use to dazzle your date, especially with Valentine's Day promising that romance seems to be everywhere.

Taking your special someone on a date is like hitting the jackpot. Just figuring out your outfit will have you giddy for days. You can't ignore your hair though, no matter how excited you are to go on a date.  It's impossible to impress someone you like on a night out if your hair is unkempt and unruly. You should put some effort into it and take a more romantic approach than usual.

There are several romantic hairstyles you may rock to leave a lasting impression, whether you choose to be extra and play around with fun and flirty accessories or go bare faced and let your hair down. 

Here are some that you can rock for date night! 

  • A Loose, Tousled Waves Look for Soft Glam

You cannot speak romantic hairstyles without bringing up the timeless classic: sultry, beachy waves. The ideal hairstyle for a date night is soft, touchable waves and curls that are elegant yet carefree. They compliment all hair types and face shapes and are extremely simple to do. The best part is that you may use a multitude of techniques to create these thick curls.

  • Attractive Half-Up do with Curls

A fantastic look that can be worn from day to night is a half-up do. Since that your hair will be out of your face, it is one of the romantic hairstyles that enables you to flaunt volume and delicate curls while maintaining a tidy appearance.

First, give your hair soft, touchable curls. Take a small section of hair from either side of your face, right near your temple, and curl it into springy curls that are more structured than loose waves but yet seem soft and natural. Use a wand with a medium-sized barrel for this. Pull them back and collect them on the back of your head.

  • For a Balance of Trendiness and Sophistication, Go for a Bouncy High Ponytail

The current staple for any special occasion is the sleek, high ponytail. Models and celebrities have made it their favorite as well. Simply sweep your hair forward in the direction that your ponytail will be placed. To get your hair on the crown of your head a sleek and snatched finish, use a leave-in conditioner or cream.

  • French Braids to Channel a Carefree, Girl-Next-Door Look

French braids, which some people might falsely believe are only for tiny girls, can actually bring out the sweetness and femininity for a pleasant and laid-back evening if they are worn properly and coordinated with an outfit. They are ideal for romantic evenings at the fair, on the pier, or by the beach.

Start off by parting your hair down the middle  .It doesn't need to be perfect; a little messiness  makes it appear carefree and seductive. To make it look more natural, use your fingers in place of a comb.

Pick one of the two sections of your hairdo to work with first. By your temple, separate a large, thick lock of hair that is about three inches wide into three smaller ones. After that, plait them together.

  • For softness and elegance, create a wispy, almost messy chignon.

One of the most romantic hairstyles is the traditional chignon. It displays the neck and face and is clear-cut and attractive. But when it has a hint of disarray and effortlessness, it looks even more appealing. For a date-night chignon, gather your hair at the nape of your neck and pull it back into a ponytail. Then, create a low bun by winding the ponytail over itself and pinning the hair in place.


These lovely hairstyles for a romantic evening do more than just enhance your beauty. Additionally, they give you more self-confidence so that you can be your best self when spending time with someone you admire.

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