Tips to Help You Get Shiny Hair

Written by Colina Atos


Posted on August 16 2022

Shiny hair can be achieved by using a hair serum.

Using a hair serum like Emiliv Professional - PROOILTEN 10 Oils in ONE Serum is a quick solution for dry, frizzy hair. With its blend of ten essential oils, your hair will be smooth, shiny, manageable, and free of knots and flyaways in no time!

Deep-cleanse your hair and scalp.

Hair can lose its shine and volume if dirt and product buildup have weighed it down. To get rid of the grime, plan a thorough cleaning session. You can do one at home by steaming your scalp with a warm towel and shower cap, applying oil to your hair to loosen up any dirt or product residue, and then washing it all out with PROCLEANSING Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

Restore damaged hair.

Damaged hair, whether from over-styling, using heated tools, or chemical treatments, appears lifeless and lackluster. Use a hair repair conditioner, such as PROHOMETEN Home Care Conditioner, to restore its healthy appearance. 

Use cold water to rinse your hair.

You've probably already heard this a thousand times, but the first step to having shiny hair at home is to take a shower. A cold water rinse after a shower, however, can do wonders for your hair's appearance. If you want to keep your hair's shine and moisture after washing it, rinsing it with cold water is a must.

Nourish your hair.

You can give life back to lifeless hair by including a weekly hair mask in your routine. The mask will add moisture and hydration to your dry, damaged hair, which will help it look and feel better. At least once a week, treat your hair to a luxurious PROMASKTEN treatment to tame frizz, revive severely damaged hair, and bring back its natural shine.

Choose a silky case for your pillow.

Keeping your hair from tangling with your pillowcase is a great way to give your hair some TLC while you sleep. You can either use a silk or satin scarf to encase your hair before bed, or a silk or satin pillowcase to support your head while you snooze. Your hair will be safer from breakage and loss due to the decreased friction.