The Ultimate Guide to Hair Care Between Salon Visits for Salon Owners

Written by Colina Atos


Posted on September 07 2023

In the world of hairstyling and beauty, there's nothing quite like the transformation that happens in your salon chairs. But, as you well know, the true magic of maintaining that salon-fresh look lies in what happens between those visits. Ensuring your clients look and feel their best every day is at the core of your salon's success.

1. Recommending High-Quality Products:

As the experts in hair, your recommendations matter. Take the time to assess your clients' unique hair types and styles, and suggest high-quality products for them to use at home. A good home care regimen sets the foundation for great hair days.

2. Educating Clients on Proper Routines:

Empower your clients with knowledge about proper hair care routines. Ensure they understand the importance of washing, conditioning, and styling correctly and at the right frequency. Share your wisdom and expertise generously.

3. Extending Color Treatments:

For clients with color-treated hair, guide them towards color-safe products. Offer color maintenance tips, and consider offering color-refreshing services to keep their hues vibrant and salon-worthy between appointments.

4. Promoting Hydration and Nourishment:

Encourage clients to pamper their hair with deep conditioning treatments or masks. Educate them on the benefits and share easy DIY recipes for at-home hair masks.

5. Stressing Hair Protection:

Talk to your clients about the importance of protecting their hair. Suggest heat protectants, discuss styling techniques that minimize damage, and advise on environmental protection measures.

6. Regular Trims:

Advocate for regular trims. Emphasize the benefits of keeping split ends at bay and maintaining their hair's shape. Schedule follow-up appointments and send reminders to keep them on track.

7. Suggesting Low-Maintenance Styles:

Consider offering low-maintenance styles as part of your service repertoire. These styles can simplify your clients' daily routines and help maintain their hair's health.

8. Nighttime Hair Care:

Teach your clients about nighttime hair care. Discuss the advantages of using silk or satin pillowcases and provide guidance on protective styles for sleep.

9. Discussing Diet and Nutrition:

Share insights into the connection between a healthy diet and beautiful hair. Highlight hair-friendly foods and their role in promoting strong, radiant locks.

10. Open Communication:

Above all, keep the lines of communication open with your clients. Encourage them to share their concerns, questions, and hair-related experiences. Adapt your salon treatments based on their feedback and changing needs.

By empowering your clients with the knowledge and tools to care for their hair between salon visits, you not only enhance their daily lives but also solidify their loyalty to your salon. After all, a satisfied, informed client is the best advertisement for your business.