PROKERATEN Brazilian Keratin Treatment vs. PROTOXTEN Brazilian HairBotox Treatment: Which One Is Right for You?

Written by Colina Atos


Posted on June 15 2022

PROKERATEN Brazilian Keratin Treatment and PROTOXTEN Brazilian HairBotox Treatment both smooth the hair, eliminate frizz, enhance luster, and make your hair more manageable. Despite the fact that they have comparable outcomes, they are in fact completely different.

Keratin is an amino acid that naturally exists in the human body. When keratin interacts with other ingredients, it forms a strong protein that protects your hair from ultraviolet damage. Keratin treatment makes curly, frizzy and unruly hair appear straight and smooth. It is also suitable for virgin and chemically treated hair.

Hair Botox is a safe, effective treatment for thinning hair. It’s ideal for you if you have fine, dry, colored, bleached, overprocessed, dull or lifeless hair.



PROTOXTEN Brazilian HairBotox is a deep conditioning treatment that works to restore the natural beauty of damaged hair, whereas PROKERATEN Brazilian Keratin Treatment is intended primarily as a hair straightening method and will give you silky, silky-smooth hair that's much easier to manage.

Hair Botox is a rejuvenation treatment that revitalizes hair that has been damaged, heals split ends, removes frizz, and provides a stunning sheen. Your scalp will be moisturized and dandruff and hair loss will be prevented.

If you desire straight and manageable hair, Brazilian Keratin  is a better option because keratin treatments make hair straighter. Consider Hair Botox if you want to revitalize your strands, reduce frizz, and preserve your waves.

Brazilian Keratin might make your hair look flat and lifeless if you have thin or fine strands. Hair Botox is better suited for fine hair because it doesn't affect the volume or weight of your hair as much as a keratin treatment.