Importance Of Using Heat Protectant On Your Hair

Written by Colina Atos


Posted on January 06 2023

Prevent unnecessary damage to your hair by using a heat protectant

The use of heat on our hair is a common beauty practice for many of us. You would be hard pressed to find a vanity out there without at least one heat-styling gadget on its shelves, whether we're using a blowdryer to create the ideal blowout or wrapping our hair around curling wands to generate bouncy Hollywood curls.

But like anything else, hot hair styling equipment have advantages and disadvantages. This is why it's essential for your hair care regimen to include a heat protectant.

What Exactly Is Heat Protection?
In essence, a heat protectant or hair protector is a substance that, when used before using a heated equipment, helps minimize any harm to your hair.

Advantages Of Applying Heat Protectant
In general, a hair heat protectant forms a barrier between your hair and the heat source you're exposing it to.

1. Restoration of Moisture
Naturally, heat styling products dry out your hair; this is how they maintain your hairdo. However, Using a heat protectant will add more moisture to your hair and maintaining its silky smoothness.

2. Damage and Frizz Management
A hair protector shields your hair against damage, just as its name suggests! Additionally, the barrier your hair heat protectant creates also helps to prevent frizz!

3. Smooth hair
The outermost portion of the hair shaft, known as the hair cuticle, strengthens and shields the inner hair shaft. Heat normally damages the cuticle, but a hair protector maintains your cuticles soft and smooth, giving your hair a gorgeous sheen.

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