Hair Care Mistakes You May Be Doing!

Written by Colina Atos


Posted on May 10 2022

Are You Making These Hair Care Mistakes?

It's possible that you're doing a few basic hair care mistakes that are causing your hair to become unhealthy. Keep reading to learn about the most frequent hair care mistakes to avoid at all costs.

1. You’re washing your hair the wrong way.

While standing in the shower to wash your hair is easy, washing it upside down has many advantages. If you have long hair, washing it upside down makes it simpler to clean the hidden layers. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, washing your hair upside down helps prevent breakouts by preventing hair products from getting on your neck and back and irritating your skin.

2. Using dry shampoo on dirty hair only.

Dry shampoo is a terrific method to freshen your hair when you don't have time for a shower, but it can do so much more. If you have fine hair, spraying it with dry shampoo at the roots will give it an instant boost and make it appear fuller.

3. Leaving your conditioner for too long.

Conditioner preserves the cuticle and makes the strands smoother and simpler to detangle. But when it comes to hair, less is more. Too much conditioner may weigh down your hair and make it seem oily. Three minutes is all it takes to get the conditioner's full advantages.

4. You use only one shampoo.

It's tempting to keep using a shampoo that works wonderfully for your hair. But with time, your hair becomes acclimated to the same products and they cease functioning. Invest in 2 or 3 different shampoos and conditioners and mix them up based on the weather, water quality, and how your hair feels.

5. Putting your damp hair up in a bun.

You may want to avoid this apparently harmless habit. If you put too much stress on your hair when it's damp, you risk weakening it and causing breakage.

6. Not brushing your hair before you wash it.

You should brush your hair thoroughly before getting in the shower rather than combing it afterward. Using this method, you may avoid tangles and prevent knots for a longer period of time.


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