Effective Shower Tips To Keep Hair Healthy

Written by Colina Atos


Posted on December 07 2022

Keep in mind the following hair care advice for straight, lustrous hair:


1. Use a hair mask.

A hair mask functions similarly to your conditioner but offers extra advantages. A more intensive form of nourishment is possible because of the magic of the ten oils. It is made with ingredients that penetrate deeply into the hair for more pronounced results after only one wash.

Use PROMASKTEN to seal the strands after PROHOMETEN Home Care Shampoo to assist your hair combat humidity and frizz. It makes your locks shining, soft, smooth, and manageable.


2. Detangle hair when it's halfway dry.

You may have observed how challenging it is to untangle wet hair. Detangling it while it is dry, however, might not be the best choice. So don't comb your hair until it's halfway dried. Adding a few drops of PROOILTEN serum can also help your detangler glide to every strand easily.


3. Do not rub your hair.

When our hair is damp, it is thinnest and most fragile. The best way to cause long-term harm and hair loss is to rub it rough with a towel. Additionally, it may result in frizzy hair that is more difficult to style.


Maintaining healthy hair is a way of life that can help you create gorgeous, lustrous hair at home.